Corey Kendig owner of erie real estate company Bay City Buyers

Corey Kendig

Dustin Charcalla owner of erie real estate company Bay City Buyers

Dustin Charcalla

Our Story

We are Bay City Buyers LLC, a company that upholds it’s motto. Real Estate, Real People, Real Results. Our company was founded by two best friends for over a decade, Corey Kendig and Dustin Charcalla. We have been in the Erie Real Estate business for a little over two years and want to expand our portfolio further. Bay City Buyers take pride in using our vast options and exit strategies to make an all around winning situation for all parties involved with our deals. The deals we create are structured to create outcomes in which everyone can be proud to say they were a part of. An investment with our company is something we are offering to you as an opportunity and we would like you to join our team!

Corey Kendig, Owner, Entrepreneur, Investor. Corey is into extreme sports as well as an integral part of GE Transportation’s sales team. Corey’s ever growing passion for business is supplemented by his Penn State degree which accels him to greater heights in all Real Estate situations.

Dustin Charcalla, Owner, Entrepreneur, Investor. Dustin is also very acclimated to the extreme sports world and is currently a full time Real Estate Investor. Dustin’s drive for Real Estate stems from his urge to become financially free and break the mold of working the classic 9 to 5 schedule.

Our passion and drive to push Real Estate investment to new heights in the Erie and surrounding areas will not only help our fellow investors, but will also spark economic growth in such areas. The ability to work together as partners allows us to implement fool proof strategies that ensure the least amount of risk as well as the most possible reward for all parties. We have acquired many different exit strategies to protect ourselves during such deals. All deals with private money involved are secured with a property through an attorney with all proper insurance policies in place.

We are excited to grow everyday as individuals and as a brand. Here is to your your success and we look forward to hearing from you!